• Heart Chakra  Healing Bracelet

Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet


10mm Jadeite stones. 

Jadeite is Jade's rarer sister stone.  When you run your hands across the stone, you have an instant sense of peace and openness. 

Jadeite is a symbol of purity and serenity.  Much prized in the East, it signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility.  This stone is associated with the heart chakra and increase love and nurturing.  It is a protective stone which keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.  It is believed to attact good luck and friendship.


Additionally, Jadeite is known to:

  • stabilize the personality
  • integrate the mind with the body
  • promote self-sufficiency
  • release negative thoughts
  • soothes the mind
  • stimulates ideas
  • aids emotional release
  • reduces irritability
  • assists you in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being
  • supports kidney function
  • assists fertility and childbirth