Nobis in Hamilton

We are so excited to be an authorized retailer for Nobis in Hamilton! Nobis is a Canadian brand, which specializes in Winter Coats.

Why Nobis?

Coming from warm tropical countries (Indonesia & Jamaica), we were always on a hunt of a warm stylish winter coat to brace Canadian's winter. After a couple years of trying out different brand, we finally gave Nobis winter coats a try. By far, Nobis winter coats are the warmest that we've tried after being in Canada for more than a decade.

Not only it's warm, it's also stylish! A great investment, Nobis winter coats are definitely "a new class of luxury". Their coats are "waterproof, windproof & breathable".

Shop our Nobis collection now!

Read this Forbes article on "How Canada Contiues to Dominate Outerwear with Nobis".

Watch below the Forbes interview with "Robin Yates, Co-Founder and Vice President of Nobis on exceeding expectations, merging innovation and outerwear, and building the garment from the inside out." (Forbes, 2017)


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