Lazypants, the World's Comfiest Pants!

As some of you might know, we do carry Lazypants in our store in Hamilton. Yes! Lazypants are available in Hamilton now!

We've just added a couple more colours and styles, just in time for the cooler weather!

Why Lazypants?

As we've mentioned many times before, and you're probably tired of hearing this already, we want to carry more Canadian brands in the store and Lazypants is a Canadian-based brand! We've actually stumbled upon Lazypants a couple years a go, and ever since we tried it on for ourselves, we knew we wanted to carry this brand in the store.

It really is the comfiest sweatpants we've ever worn! The fleece lining is extremely soft, we never want to take it off! On our online store, as well as our boutique, we carry 5 different styles of Lazypants - Parker, Niki, Niki-P, Geoffrey & Olivia.

What's the difference?

Parker is the skinny but comfier version of a skinny jeans. It's slim throughout the legs, but still have that relaxed look.

Niki & Niki-P are quite similar in terms of the fit. This is a true sweatpants with the drawstring waistband and elastic ankle cuff. The fit is more loose on the legs, and this is the style that comes to mind once you mentioned sweatpants, right? The difference between the Niki and Niki-P is on the POCKET! Niki-P comes with a pocket, while the Niki doesn't. The Niki, however, is available in a wider range of colours than the Niki-P.

Geoffrey, our favourite, is a drop-crotch. This style is very young & fashionable. This style comes with a drawstring waistband & fitted ankle cuff. We love wearing this in a size up for that relaxed style!

Lastly, Olivia is our Summer best-seller! This amazingly soft and comfortable shorts come in 2 different shades - Hydrangea and Orchid.


Whichever one you choose, we can assure you it's extremely comfortable!

Shop Lazypants now!

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