How to Wear Oversized Denim Jacket

One of our best-selling items in the store is my personal favourite, Noisy May Oversized Denim Jacket. This jacket is so versatile, it's definitely a must-have staple in your wardrobe. 

Don't let the word "Oversized" scares you! Although it is an oversized fit, this denim jacket will not swallow you. I always tell my customers that it's oversized by not too oversized, if you know what I mean?! 

So, what do you pair this Oversized Denim jacket with? This comfortable jacket can be pretty much paired with everything! Since it is a denim jacket, the overall look is very casual. 

Here's 5 items that you can wear this denim jacket with for this Fall/Winter season:

  1. Hoodies - my absolute favourite way of wearing this jacket is simply by pairing it with my comfortable hoodies. It's large enough to allow me to layer the hoodies underneath without looking bulky. Comfy is definitely the name of the game here. 
  2. Summer dress with tights - a great way to transition into the cooler weather is to layer your summer dress with a sheer tights under the oversized denim jacket. 
  3. Fitted/crop top - they say opposite attracts! Wearing a fitted or even a crop top with the oversized denim jacket is stylish, and it'll definitely keep you warm! 
  4. Canadian tuxedo - there's nothing wrong pairing your denim jacket with some nice jeans
  5. Comfortable sweaters - another one of my favourites (realize the pattern here? comfy is key)! Layering the oversized denim jacket with our super soft turtleneck sweater is definitely the best way to beat the cold in Canada!

What's your favourite way of wearing the Oversized Denim Jacket?


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