Gift Ideas under $50

So last week, we started off our Gift Guide ideas for Gifts under $25. Today we're going to share with you guys several items in the store that's under $50! You'll find that in our online store, we have couple more items that are under $50 that are not mentioned in this gift guide (space constraint), but still make a great gifts - e.g. Snoozy Face Mugs ($40), Fox Charm bracelets ($30) etc.

Also, we want to make a correction regarding our Gift Guide under $25 - our Avocado dishes are now $28 each, not $25. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Links to all the products are at the bottom of the page.

Gift Ideas Under $50

Gifts under $50

1. Vero Moda Cute Christmas Shirt - comes in Dog print or Cat print ($25).

2. Flawless by Friday 5-day face mask system ($45).

3. XO by Mansouri Magnetic Lapel Pin ($30) - buy 2 and wear it as a cuff links!

4. Breathing Inspiration Acceptance bracelet ($30) - you can drop essential oil on the lava stone!

5. Jack & Jones The Simpsons Christmas Shirts ($38) - available in 3 different designs.

6. Coal & Canady Wooden Wick Candles ($30) - it crackles when you light it!

7. Nobis Hot Cha Cha Beanie ($45) - or Staple Toque ($45). 


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