Custom Blend Makeup Workshop

Hi Everyone!

For today's post, we want to share our upcoming custom blend makeup workshop. We did this workshop couple weeks a go, and we received such a great response and plenty of new interests. As such, we decide that it's time to organize another one!

If you don't already know what a Custom Blend Makeup Workshop is, let us give you a bit of an idea through this article. It's going to be a fun event, and remember that we are only accepting limited amount of people for each workshop to keep it intimate. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your time here with us.

Alright, so what is a Custom Blend makeup?

At this day and time, we understand that even though there are plenty of makeup brands out there, you can still have a hard time finding a foundation that matches your skintone & undertone. Not only that, you also have to find the right coverage, texture and finish. Even as a makeup artist and blogger, we often find ourselves having to mix different foundations to get that perfect flawless finish. 

Instead of spending all your time and money into getting a foundation (or two) that you might not love, why not create your very own foundation?! This is where we introduce Custom Blend Makeup at Kitsu. For the workshop, we will guide you in getting the right shade and YOU get to blend and customized your foundation.

Not only you can pick out your very own shade and undertone, you can also add skincare benefit, and customized your coverage, texture and finish. Glowy, dewy, matte, full, medium or light, we got you! 

Find out more about the custom blend makeup by attending the workshop! For only $10, you can reserve your spot now on our website "Workshop" section.

You'll be able to purchase your foundation and/or concealer at the workshop after you finish customizing it. Special workshop package will be available & introduced at the beginning of the workshop! Your reservation fee goes towards the purchase of your custom foundation and/or concealer.

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